Against Fur Zombies
(I like my animal friends alive)

We have been observing the current trend of “real fur plush animals” with growing concern. People buy animal furs from trappers, fur farms or hunters. They turn them into toys and sell them on online galleries such as DeviantArt.
The makers of these products claim that they love animals, but all they do is transform dead bodies into distorted images of the creatures they once were. Other people buy these “plushies” without concern and without any respect for the animals they pretend to value so highly. Quite to the contrary, they brag with their large collections of dead critters, they proudly pose with their newly acquired pelts, and they go to great lengths to obtain all the color mutations they can find.
Gotta catch 'em all?
Face it: You, dear buyers of animal furs, finance the violent death of the animals you pretend to cherish. You support fur farming, hunting, and trapping with every single pelt you buy. Foxes, wolves, coyotes, and other animals die because you buy their skins. Is that a price you are willing to pay, or better: let them pay?
As people who really do care about animals and prefer to see them alive and happy rather than turned into fur zombies, we don't just silently accept this trend. Killing animals for the production of toys or collectible fashion items simply can't be justified.
If you also think that selling real animal fur as “plush toys” is sick, please make a statement by putting the “Against Fur Zombies” banner on your web site, online gallery, or journal, and tell people about it! You can either copy one of the banners and link to this site (, or add one of the code fragments below the banners to your website/journal/gallery!

By the way, this is Taipei, our little mascot fox! :)